A runner’s plea to his fellow runners

Do you want to help a runner in need?

On Sunday, June 16, I am running the 66-mile Vanguard Way linking Newhaven to Croydon. Leaving Newhaven at around 4am, I will attempt to reach the finish line some 10 hours later. The route follows the coast over Seaford Head to Cuckmere Haven before running north through Alfriston and into Winnie the Pooh country of Ashdown Forest. Over the M25 and up the North Downs, and – before you know it – you have reached the anti-climax that is Croydon.

I know the route. I am trained for the distance. I have road support. I am flattening the Coke.

What I lack is moral support. I am all for the loneliness of the long-distance runner, but over 10 hours a distraction or two helps the miles and the time pass a little more swiftly. That is where you come in.

If you’d like to get up in the early hours of the morning (or later – and get yourself to somewhere like Berwick, Uckfield, Buxted, East Grinstead or Edenbridge) to help a runner in need, please get in touch.

You probably don’t. I’m not sure if I would. I can’t offer much in return.¬†Nevertheless, the running community are a charitable lot, so just maybe…


You get to run through this…


…and this.

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  1. Roger Muir says:

    As a highly trained back up crew, I’m on duty again.
    A year ago I got to see the whole of the Lake District in one day.
    Bob Graham back up!!
    This year I get to see most of Surrey!!
    I can offer some help on the day to any volunteers.
    Pick up from a station, take to route.
    Talk to Jonny.

  2. Having accompanied Jonny in the last three legs of his Bob Graham, I can vouch for the quality Roger’s excellent support services.

  3. Mark Cage says:

    Hi Jonny. I live in Seaford and regularly run off-road around this area. I quite fancy waking up at 4am for a few miles! Could meet you in Seaford and run up to Berwick?

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