Lord Hereford’s Knob

I am currently working through the edited script of The UK’s County Tops: Reaching the Top of 91 Historic Counties. I have got as far as Black Mountain, the highest point of Herefordshire, and for which my editor suggested I compile a ‘fact box’ on Lord Hereford’s Knob, a neighbouring mountain.

I was scouring the web for some clue to the origin of the name (it’s known rather blandly as Twmpa in Welsh) when I came across a rock band called Half Man Half Biscuit which named a song on one of their albums after Lord Hereford’s Knob. Take a look. I was highly amused. Very funny lyrics, a very clever video. 

My favourite line? ‘I’m keeping two chevrons apart…’ And listen out for the grid reference of Lord Hereford’s Knob in the lyrics. Right, back to the script now – even if I still don’t know the origin of the name.

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  1. Steve says:

    Glad to hear you have discovered the joys of Half Man Half Biscuit. They are my favourite group and DJ Andy Kershaw describes them as the greatest folk group in the country.
    They are famous for turning down an appearance at Glastonbury because Tranmere Rovers were at home that weekend.
    The track is from the excellent ‘CSI Ambleside’ album. I checked their website http://www.hmhb.co.uk which has descriptions of their many strange references but it didn’t give too much info. They also reference, Tebay, Thelwall, Totnes, Newfoundland Chad and Glyder Fach on the album.

  2. You’re not a ‘friend of Dorothy’ are you? She was my editor at Cicerone

  3. Robin Sanderson says:

    Ah, the joys of HMHB! That brings back good memories of listening to Trouble Over Bridgewater (a truly puntastic album name) on Brum Uni climbing trips to Ogwen.

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