The Mountains are Calling

The Mountains are Calling: running in the high places of Scotland, will be published by Sandstone Press on May 17, 2018.

Jonny Muir was a nine-year-old boy when the silhouette of a runner in the glow of sunset on the Malvern Hills caught his eye. A fascination for running in high places was born – a fascination that would direct him to Scotland. Running and racing, Jonny became the mountainside silhouette that first inspired him.

His exploits inevitably led to Scotland’s supreme test of hill running: Ramsay’s Round, a daunting 60-mile circuit of twenty-four mountains, climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest and culminating on Ben Nevis, within twenty-four hours.

While Ramsay’s Round demands extraordinary endurance, the challenge is underpinned by simplicity and tradition, in a sport largely untainted by commercialism. The Mountains are Calling is the story of that sport in Scotland, charting its evolution over half a century, heralding its characters and the culture that has grown around them, ultimately capturing the irresistible appeal of running in high places.

Foreword by Alex Staniforth

‘When voices of reason tell us to turn back, we are reminded by what others have achieved; we groan, dig deep and push on because we want to be like them. Why are we drawn back, time and time again, hungry gluttons for punishment? This ‘type-B’ enjoyment that we find in the mountains is difficult to describe or explain. Outdoor writers have tried, and many can say what runners do, but these pages tell of the journey of understanding. In The Mountains are Calling, Jonny sums up these feelings to a tee. It’s only by losing ourselves in these high places that we truly find ourselves.’


‘More than a history of hill running in Scotland, Jonny Muir’s The Mountains are Calling is also a cry from the heart for emotional connection to Scotland’s wild landscape, and paean of praise for the mountains and the runners who go there.’
– Alastair Humphreys, author of Microadventures and Grand Adventures

Inspirational and highly readable, Jonny Muir eloquently describes the mountains and the extraordinary people who run in them.’’
– Claire Maxted, Wild Ginger Films

More to follow.