Glen Coe Skyline: the enormity in numbers

With time and energy lacking today, this is the best I can muster: a personal story of the wonderful enormity of the Glen Coe Skyline in numbers. A longer article will be published in the Scotsman in due course.

5896 calories burnt (so says Strava)

4800 metres of ascent

4800 metres of descent

1150-metre highest point at Bidean nam Bian

870 metres of vertical climb between Glen Coe and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh

596 metres of vertical gain in mile 22

562 minutes of running

359 minutes of uphill running

200 storeys Buachaille Etive Mor would approximately have if it was a building

175 beats per minute, as seen on the heart rate monitor on the wrist of Malene Blikken Haukøy (pictured below) on Curved Ridge

169 minutes of running more than race winner Jonathan Albon

87 minutes spent crossing Aonach Eagach

55 kilometres

50-plus Skittles

21 positions gained from Lairig Eilde (checkpoint 5) to the end

15 checkpoints

10-inch post-race pizza

6 hours of broken pre-race sleep

5 Munros

5am alarm call

5-metre lowest point at Kinlochleven

4 Ibuprofen shots

3 Mars Bars

3 incoherent mutterings at cameras when asked, ‘how are you doing?’

2 fat ankles

2 blood wounds

1 warning of ‘risk of serious injury or death whilst participating in this event’

1 nervy leg-twitching moment on Aonach Eagach

1 extraordinary day in the Scottish mountains



6 Comments Add yours

    1. heightsofmadness says:

      Thank you. Excellent Ramsay training.

  1. RogerMuir says:

    Is that 50+ BAGS of Skittles?


    1. heightsofmadness says:

      Equivalent of, perhaps. A lot of sugar was consumed!

  2. I particularly like the stat “596 metres of vertical gain in mile 22”. After over twenty miles, a mile which is over a 1-in-3 gradient. Oof!

    1. heightsofmadness says:

      I hadn’t calculated it being one-in-three, but thinking about it, it was definitely that steep.

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