January – a month of mileage

Marathon training continues apace; the prospect of a comfortable sub-three hour time becoming ever likelier. I covered 235 miles in January, which included weeks of 45, 49, 55 and 59 miles. The pattern was not deliberate.

The month culminated with the South of England cross country championships, a nine-mile battle of attrition and mud around Hampstead Heath in London (picture above).

February started with a quartet of one-mile track repetitions, each in around 5 minutes, 20 seconds, a session which sent my calves into spasm. With 10-and-a-half weeks to go (and a stag do and wedding to negotiate in between), the hard work has only just begun.

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  1. Roger Muir says:

    Be careful, you’ve been here before and not produced on the day.

  2. Hey Jonny,

    Stop running and get writing. Amazon just ‘adjusted’ the suggested delivery date – backwards 🙂

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