Running the 66-mile Vanguard Way: 27 days to go

Following yesterday’s 30 miles, I had run 60 miles for the week. I had planned to run a few loosening, slow miles to claim a 100km week – before thinking better of it. Up to three weeks ago, I was unwell and running haphazardly. I’m lucky to have survived 60 miles and I’m well aware of the dangers of unnecessary running. What use is another three or four miles of tired plodding? I’ve gone for rest instead. Having said all that, I do not feel broken after yesterday’s run and my insistence that 66 is beyond me may have been rash. Time is effective at blurring reality. As for this week, the aim is to run around 40 miles in less than six hours on Sunday, a prospect that fills me with both dread and anticipation.


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  1. Jonny, I am confident that you can get round the 66 miles. Yesterday’s Old County Tops reminded me that a lot can be done by relying on base fitness and a desire to get round. I think that a lot of the endurance needed for these silly adventures persists in the legs for longer than you think. You are a talented runner and, even though you have had a comparatively quiet start to your running year, I am sure you are better equipped than you feel.

    Admittedly Saturday has also reminded me of the painful DOMS side effect from MTFU pills, but it is a nice kind of pain…

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