Heights of Madness: mapped, for the first time

I never got round to creating a map illustrating the route I travelled for Heights of Madness. The publisher didn’t require one; nor did I fancy the daunting task. Besides, I am no artist. Six years on, someone has done it for me. It is a work of art, I think. The yellow clouds are the summits. The red, wiggly line – the arrows showing direction – is my convuluted route. That line crosses twice: once in Gloucestershire, once in Ross and Cromarty. Even my overnight stops have been recorded. My old geography teacher used to regularly repeat that a picture (or a map) paints a thousand words; this picture paints the 77,000-odd words of Heights of Madness. I hope it might even inspire others who are keen to pursue a similar venture.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes this looks brilliant!

  2. Who is the creator of this wondrous thing?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Guilty as charged. Just a well-travelled reader who finds it difficult to read any travel literature without a map. Even a simple straight-line A-B story gets me reaching for one!
      cheers, Mike Woolrich
      (no website, so I’ll sign of like that, as this is Jonny’s site!)

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