Meall Gorm

Fannich pigs

Pigs. Or were they boars? I encountered this lot at Fannich Lodge after walking a loop of the two southernmost Fannich Munros, Meall Gorm and An Coileachan, today. I was eating the last of my food when I was startled by a grunt, which sounded like a rutting stag, although this was disconcertingly close.

Moments later, I was surrounded by the pigs (or the boars) – one came straight through my legs – which were the most inquisitive animals I’ve ever come across. And the most interesting – never mind the stags, grouse and ptarmigan I’d seen on the hill – these creatures were fascinating. They snuffled, grunted and snorted at me, with one determined fellow keen to take a chunk out of the front wheel on my cycle.

They also ignored my efforts to shoo them when their attentions became a little too intense. I’m sure I’d read a story about someone somewhere – probably in Germany – being killed by a boar. Probably rubbish. Still, with that thought flashing through my mind, I fled by bicycle, with the beasts giving chase, the sound of their claws scraping the road becoming ever fainter.

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  1. Roger says:

    Giving the girls the ‘come on’ again!!

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