The New Year’s Day run

With a big year of sporting endurance ahead (more of that in due course), I had to start 2012 as I mean to go on. That meant braving the wind and rain lashing the Fylde coast. The stretch from St Annes pier to Blackpool’s South Pier, along the beach, was straightforward. Although, I’m glad I turned when I did, for the wind seemed hellbent on blasting me back to Pleasure Beach.

I flagged a little and my feet began to drag across the sand, before I regained my composure as St Annes pier neared having seemed so distant at one point. Day one of 2012 and 8 blowy miles is the right sort of start to Olympic year. Let’s all hope for a fit and healthy 2012!

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  1. That is a great start to the year. That must be a great beach run, nice and quiet for most of it. Well at this time of year Blackpool is like a ghost town anyway so the beach from South Pier to St Annes pier must have been completely empty?

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