Body falling apart

I knocked out 222 miles in February, 13 fewer than January (a month that was, however, three days longer). As you can see, I’ve become pedantic about mileage. My London Marathon training of years gone by has traditionally flagged in February, my efforts plagued by injury or plunging motivation. Not this year, it seems. Not so far.

With the marathon now six-and-a-half weeks away, I’ve reached the point of no return. Just a few more weeks of 60-plus miles, another three or four 20-mile runs, and the odd race (maybe a 10k, maybe a 10-mile?) to survive. Easy.

Someone who came across this blog earlier today did so by tapping the words ‘marathon training body falling apart’ into a search engine. It was a blunt reminder that I need to avoid the dreaded body-falling-apart syndrome that can afflict marathon runners.

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