I’ve become obsessed by As I write, my book is 9,824th on the bestselling list. Not bad, but I’m not about to crack open the champagne. It’ll be 20,000-odd by tea time I’m sure.

One reviewer was nice though. Here is what he said:

I was hooked even before he arrives in Scotland where I live. Hostile cows, the person with whom you would least like to share a YH room, and the “explanation” for total lack of rationale. Admittedly as an ex-touring cyclist , I couldn’t be more of a target audience : I loved his points system for road kill, which as a bored cyclist inspired me to poetry (but only because stoats rhymes with John o’Groats). Does Amazon quote a Garmin GPS system as most often purchased with this book because of the terror Muir inspires when he gets lost? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I’ve also set up a Facebook group, here:

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