Countdown to publication

The publication of Isles at the Edge of the Sea is now just days away. These are exciting times. There are few more thrilling days for an author than these – when the anticipation of seeing a year of work come to fruition mingles with hopes and fears about the reception the book might receive. To get the ball rolling, here is a kind, recent extract from the website of Sandstone Press, my publisher:

Later in the month we will be releasing Isles at the Edge of the Sea, a second travelogue from the talented Jonny Muir; this book even more adventurous than his first – and even more sensitive to environment and population. It also contains sixteen pages of wonderful colour images from the author.

Follow this link for a full version of this article, which also includes a much-needed call for people to use their local Waterstone’s amid ongoing uncertainty in the book trade.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Richard Barrett says:

    Got mine on order Jonny and will do you an Amazon review – assuming it’s any damn good:)

    1. Jonny Muir says:

      It will be, hopefully! Thanks for the support.

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