Heights of Madness was reviewed in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday. Here it is:

Energetic is certainly a word that could be used to describe Jonny Muir, who set out to climb (for charity) the highest points in each of the counties in the UK in three months. To make it harder, he decided to eschew all forms of transport apart from those he could propel himself. A bicycle and his feet, therefore, were his chosen modes, but he vowed not to use public transport, or hitch a lift, however tempting. Already a keen walker, his motivation for the trip was in part a desire to redefine what “adventure” should mean. He wanted to prove to himself that it could be something anyone can achieve, without having to travel to the farthest corners of the globe. This is a quietly inspirational and often funny account of his adventures in his homeland.

Extract: “Moel Sych lies at the lonesome heart of the Berwyns, Snowdonia’s ugly sister. The hills lack the jagged awe of Snowdonia and, as a result, escape the crowds of the National Park. The road clung to the eastern edge of Llyn Tegid, Wales’ largest natural lake, passed the Bala Lake Railway and took off over the high pass of Llangynog. A steep hairpin road through the woods catapulted me onto the moor, with the Berwyns rising gently to the east. It was a euphoric 45 minutes of cycling, a gentle wind at my back and scarcely a car on the road.”

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