Bynack More

The last time I ventured up Bynack More I turned back in whiteout conditions after reaching around 800 metres. Today was a total contrast: blue skies, light winds, a glorious mountain day.

I was running by 8am, along the tracks east of Glenmore Lodge and up to Bynack Stable, and was on Bynack More’s impressie summit of boulders by 9am. I bagged Bynack More’s two Munro tops, Bynack Beg and A’Choinneach, before descending south-west to The Saddle.

The view from The Saddle was mesmerising. The waters of Loch A’an were azure, Beinn Mheadhoin looked magnificent and a blanket of snow still lay across the Cairngorms pleateau.

From The Saddle it was a long, sun-drenched run down Strath Nethy on an always narrow and either boggy or rocky track, which returned me to Bynack Stable. I drank from the cold waters of the Nethy before winding my way back to Glenmore.

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